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Qtgurl is a 17 years old gal from Nepal.

Member Since : Nov 22, 2012

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well ..guys ..itz mEh srIsTeE..DwEll @ NePAL..I m da gurl...whO ALwAYz CrAckS Joke.. i ALwaYS MakEs PeOPle f33L hAPPie ..nD Dts Mh hobby LeArN To aPpReCiAtE WhT U HavE,B4 tYm mAkEs yEw ApPrEcIatE WHt u hAd....%u2665
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hey everybody..:))))

  • 982 days ago
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wow..lov da game ..!! reaLLy Co0l..:xD
Qtgurl commented on Waterfall frill Culture - 981 days ago
@tonnaboo23 yea..u r right
Qtgurl commented on Just Business - 982 days ago
nice game..lov it..!
Qtgurl commented on Brilliant Mix of Eras - 982 days ago
dont lykH DA pants EiTheR..!
Qtgurl commented on Chic Bermuda pants - 982 days ago game..
Qtgurl commented on Feminine Silhouette - 982 days ago