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Wedding Couple

Date Added: 7 January 2010 | Views: 24611
Pick what is best for you on your wedding day. From tiaras to pearl necklaces, it's really just a matter of choice. The groom does look sloppy but her who cares as long as you look good. Have fun.
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@aakanksha I KNOW IT SOO LAME

Lol i give that tiara to the boy and i gigg*** XD


worse i guess ?

i haaate it

i love it its osm

Beautiful dresses. :3

i love this game

@gabgab13 i agree its hard to put it on the girl though

@CopperSongbird me too i dont think you should have to dress just the ***de you should be able to do the ***de and groom if i could dress my groom he would look ***in awesome