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Lovable Sally

Date Added: 15 June 2009 | Views: 8500
Tags: Makeover
She has that pair of lovable eyes that needs some touch-up. Try a suitable pair of mascara put on some foundation, change a hairstyle to something you like.
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good game. just good


@che34 yeah wat he said ( jk )


The game is not that good. It's not even GOOD. It's AARGH!! I agree with Priscilla but still not all of them....

Love these looks!

I love the elegant curls!

kiss your hand five times then post this on 3 over games and look under you pillow for a pink i pad

The game was ok..-_-..but i lyked d white beannie...:|

shes not that ugly if you put the darkest skin tone and change her eyebrows (By clicking them) then she alredy looks 10x better then jusst jet the darkest eye color and put some make up on her and yeah. . :3