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Cooking Mama: Mama Kills Animals

Date Added: 19 November 2008 | Views: 276187
Tags: Cooking
GROSS ALERT. If you are uncomfortable with animals dying in games then don't play this because mama kills animals. If not, let's proceed to making a nice Thanksgiving feast.
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i luuvvv this game

err....u know wt thts wt i feel like doing to homework xD

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I like dis game doe :-D

This is a cool game btw do you guys can tell me how to save my design o, my face im new >.<

TO ALL THOSE VEGETARIANS OUT THERE "If you want to increase and preserve the life of the animals, STOP eating their food!!"

O_O duff did i just play

Peta is jacked up.

i love this game my loveing game :D

it's interesting

@kalee are you saying i am ugly that is not very nice

@gomic6 ugly

@ace5000 your thinking negatie