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Mr Meaty Treasures Of The Deep

Date Added: 5 October 2008 | Views: 34339
Tags: Cooking
Go deep fishing in Mr Meaty's deep-fryer to catch all kinds of gross treats! You got to go deeper to get the grosser treats. Use your mouse to move the hook left and right. Click and hold to make the paper clip sink faster. Hitting anything will instantly hook it so try to avoid low scoring items.
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love this game sto bad they ended the show

i remember this! :3

they need to put this back on tv and i love the new things they put in here

Didn't like the show that much but i love the game. So gross it's cool!

they need to put the show on tv again

i used to play this game all the time and its still not that bad

@MegurineLuka yep your so right this is the dumbest game and boring game in the w*** entire world and this stinks and its like this -.-

i miss this show!!! but i dont like it anymore.

i loved this show X3

cool game