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How to Cook A Turkey

Date Added: 10 August 2008 | Views: 16577
Tags: Cooking
Get into turkey cooking fun with this cooking game. With interactive instructions to guide you through the process, you can't really go wrong with this one.
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Made me jump. I'm gonna have my sister play this game! >:D tricking other people is pretty much all this game is good for.

Likes plzzz :- when I click dis game. It was Loading . . . Then suddenly that horrible turkey came in front of my Androids screen. OMG. I just threw my Android away and ran. When I came back I just saw it was a stupid turkey haha likes plzzz

don't like this game but funny

ahhahah funny

this game is crazy.

*turkey pops out in front of screen* Me : Oh hi Mr. Turkey didn't see you there *yawns*


horrible game

what did just play