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School Flirting Game

Date Added: 2 April 2008 | Views: 25910
Tags: Fun
You run around in school giving guys that flirtatious stare sending them into an uncontrollable state of wanting to follow you around with their melted hearts. Click and hold on to your target and stare away. If other girls see you casting your love spells, they'll compete with you, you'll have to click on your target repeatedly to win the guys over to your side. Use your mouse to move around. Avoid teachers, they're a pain in the neck, you'll lose precious time if you bump into one. How many hearts could you melt before the bell rings?
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you dont get much time :(

0.o i got 2 rare boys and 17 regular ones

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4 cool guys, 24 regular dudes, 1 blonde x_x

0.o i got 2 rare boys and 17 regular ones

I've love this game. Very fun! Time could be longer, however x.x --Other than that, 5/5 %u2665

Love it!!!

are the boys dead

and this is why girls are w.h*res these days

lol if only they have better looking guy characters xD

butuh be jsujb

France training...

Mean while in Japan...