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Minecraft Creeper Dressup

Date Added: 6 August 2013 | Views: 3988
Tags: Fun
Minecraft is an amazingly creative game that allows your creativity to run wild and you can build almost anything you fancy but be very careful of the Creeper which will sneak up from behind you and blow you and your house up!
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Adorably Cute! >_________<

why can't the actual creepers be this cute and ***s douchebaggy?

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@niceworld lol nobody like us. I agree with you

Creepers are supposed to be creepy. CREEPers

oh and with red little bow

i did cat ears,purple balloon,gl*** ( see through),moustache and a party hat



This doesn't even look like a creeper

Adorably Cute! >_________<

lol made it look like an fbi agent xD

i play minecraft