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Barbie Bedroom

Date Added: 10 September 2007 | Views: 73265
Tags: Room Decor
Make Barbie's bedroom a place to be proud of. You have a bed, doll, flowers and many more to get started with!
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Not too good but nice not bad

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Not too good but nice not bad

@KellyKing Yup me 2

What the heck is this?

I like it ._.

i hate these type of games when you have to decorate someones room also how the freak are you going to fit all that crap in your room if there is not enough space i actually spent 25 minutes on decorating a room that didn't have enough space and oh wow my hand hurts and i have a headache! great!

@precious2199 i know my hand hurts

nice game .. :)

this game is so boring

hey i am alysiss

kiss your hand 5 times , post this on 5 other games then look under your pillow