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Bratz Love Meter

Date Added: 8 October 2007 | Views: 247097
Tags: Bratz Doll
How do you know whether that cute guy you always fancy likes you or not? By using this very cool love calculator of course. Just type in his name and yours and get your answer in an instant.
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I put Laptop and Wi-Fi.Real-life Romeo and juliet

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katharine&ichigo real-life romeo&juliet :)

love it!

diz shyt aint real

@fatsheepy LOL ***IIIIIG difference!

Some of them are Real Life Romeo & Juliet some of them are Love is in the air some of them are Possibly, Maybe, Some Day, Some Way... Some of them are Don't Bet on it! and some of them are If only you were the last two on earth. Thats all that I get.

I put some of anime stars like Hideyoshi & kino***a, akihisa &hideyoshi, akihisa & minami, akhisa & himeji, yuuji & shouko and yuuji & akihisa. And it's all from baka to test, if you know that anime. Hideyoshi123 here out

this game is soo funny

I put my name as Alex and it said "not if you two were the last people on earth" then I put it in as alexandra and it was "real life romeo and juliet"