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Love Calculator

Date Added: 20 September 2007 | Views: 77099
Tags: Fun
He loves me, he loves me not... Stop fretting, the love calculator is here! Just input your name and his to get your answer!
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peanut butter loves jelly 59 percent :/ it says the might have a future together but they will have a future my stomach Lol soon in toilet

Ayushi luvs Gaurav 97% ...... Impossible ... I just hate him... This game is not TRUE...If u agree do like...

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=O I wrote my crushes name down and mine and it did 44% and when i did my name with my best friend who is a boy (we got best friends over time somehow) it did 93%

Julie loves Xavier 69%... I knew it! You go, big brother, love you! R.I.P

Julie Loves Francesca 23%... 'n'


I love that game

This is stupid asf

First fall I hate these all things because its not truth sense ***s things such a boring