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Love Calculator

Date Added: 20 September 2007 | Views: 72516
Tags: Fun
He loves me, he loves me not... Stop fretting, the love calculator is here! Just input your name and his to get your answer!
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peanut butter loves jelly 59 percent :/ it says the might have a future together but they will have a future my stomach Lol soon in toilet

Bacon loves Eggs 32% Oh dear! It looks like it might not work out for you two!

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I like This

Awesome !!! Its a nice one.

gud 1.

love it

***kkkkkkkkkkkkk this gameeee

this game is s h i t h o l e

this game is s h i t ***

this game is *** ***

Haha, if only it was real :)

ham loves burger 11% its not gonna work out 4 them:(((((