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Anime Avatar Creator

Date Added: 18 March 2010 | Views: 264310
Tags: Makeover
Create your own cool and unique looking avatar. Tons of apparels, combination of hairstyles and different facial expressions to suit your mood and personality. May it be what you look like or what you want to look like, it's really up to you.
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LIKE if you love dis GAME :D

@iemma thank you for the tip ive been trying to change my avatar for days now:) love your friend maybe bulm***

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boring game.

Won't save My fricken avatar still. ._. I've been trying over and over again for a MONTHS and MONTHS now. ._.

@Rohan123 Hmmm :(

How do you Design your avatar?

anyone plz help me I want to chnge my avatar but it isn't

how yar it isn't working

@bulma do you know how to change the avatar?

@Bishswag oh wow myself

@Bishswag oh wow myself

I love it